When is a cult not a cult?


Is a cult a cult if it calls itself a cult?

Is a cult a cult if it denies it is a religion?

Is a cult a cult if it is fundamentally secular?

These questions are all raised by the phenomenon of Maxus Irie, the so-called ‘captivating cult of happiness and joy’. Visiting the website http://www.captivatingcult.com you might think that you have stumbled upon something fundamentally innocent, particularly if you click on the link to be ‘transported to another place’…. but can a cult ever be truly innocent?

Judging by the t-shirts, I suspect the answer may be “Yes”.



To be transported to another place: http://www.captivatingcult.co.uk/laugh.html





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2 Responses to “When is a cult not a cult?”

  1. Ashana M Says:

    A cult is really a group-oriented confidence trick, so that members of the cult carry out the job for the leader or leaders. I don’t think it matters if a particular organization fits a definition for a cult or not. A con is a con.

  2. Maxus Irie Says:

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